About this Film

"Adelante" shows the heart of Mexico beating strongly, just outside of Philadelphia, in an Irish-Catholic church.

"Adelante" invites the audience into St. Patrick’s Church, and through portrayals of several individuals -- a remarkable Irish-American priest, young Mexican immigrants and older Irish parishioners -- the film shows how different communities in Norristown, PA, have made mutual adjustments in order to create heartfelt bonds of friendship and understanding. We see American parishioners from this once moribund church come to accept and ultimately embrace this new group of immigrants who bring new life to their church and community. We also witness the joy of immigrant families establishing new lives in an unfamiliar, at times bewildering country that offers their children more opportunities, while also observing the painful compromises caused by leaving behind family and support networks. Ultimately we see these two groups achieve harmony with each other and come to rejoice in each other’s lives.

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